Critical Infrastructure.
Critical Considerations.


We know what’s top of mind for CIOs for 2016:

Government regulations and security audits drive investments.
Reactive spending, triggered when organizations suffer a major attack or breach.
Security is complex and fast-moving – CIOs need focused, dependable partners.
Business leaders push IT to deploy hot new technology and services quickly – CIOs need support to achieve that securely.

Key Themes of IDC IT Security Roadshow 2016:

  • Advance Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Web Security
  • Messaging Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Network Security
  • Security Training and Education
  • Threat Intelligence, Security Services
  • Endpoint Protection

IDC Roadshow at a Glance

20 events
3000 IT Security Professionals
5000 Hours of networking
500 Exclusive 1-2-1 meetings


Good mixture of well-known stuff and new information.

Radka Poláková, Data Expert, Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení

Well-organized education in the field of security.

Lukáš Vrána, Senior Information & Data Security Specialist, T-Mobile

Excellent organization and execution of the conference.

Dmitry Biryukov, Head of Department of IT security, SMP Bank

Organized by the cool and modern.

Nikolai Artamonov, Head of MIS, NPK MSC

Always a pleasure to attend your events.

Vladimir Peregontsev, Head of Security Department, Finuniversitet

An excellent review of the current state of IT security and perspectives in the field.

Mikhail Zotov, Head of IB, CB Unifin

A very positive impression; I learned a lot of new and important information. I hope there will be more such conferences!

Renat Abdirasilov, Head of IT Department, RTS Decaux

Actually, affordable, professionally!

Vladimir Pogrebitskiy, Senior Consultant, Border Service NSC RK


What do you expect the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other legislation will be on the CEE software markets?

IDC projects that, by 2017, more than 10% of security investments will be related to data protection regulations and compliance.

Mark Child, IDC Research Manager, Software & Enterprise Applications

What could be, for companies, the most important negative impacts of data security breaches, besides financial loss?

The general crisis of confidence affect not only client´s perception, but a number of other negative internal events, such as open crisis management or fall in confidence and the associated efficiency of the employees as well.

František Brož, Managing Partner, FYI PRAGUE

What are some specific methods of training and education that you use?

For example, we have “security champions”, we do what we call “university sessions”, we play a thing called “war games” and so on. We’re generally very proactive about testing not only our own systems, but our own people as well.

Stuart Hirst, Security Manager, Skyskenner

How come your website hasn't been hacked, yet?

Don't worry, you're on the list.

Michal Špaček, Web Security, Performance & PHP development and consultancy


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Conference Director
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